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The town of Batlow, 30kms south of Tumut, is famous for its bountiful apple, cherry and stonefruit orchards. Its history dates back to the heyday of the 19th century goldrush, when prospectors converged on Reedy Creek in 1854, sparking a demand for fresh produce. This led to the establishment of orchards and farms and subsequently, the town of Batlow. Within a few years, fruit-growing became and major industry, so much so that in 1923 the first cool stores in New South Wales were constructed at Batlow.

During the picking season there are a number of orchards where you can enjoy the experience of picking your own fresh fruit from the trees.

The area is famous for its large native and softwood forests. Try the interesting walks and drives within Bago Forest.  Hume and Hovell Lookout provides spectacular views of Blowering Valley and Lake, while Pilot Hill Forest Park is an interesting spot to wander around and discover 40 different species of conifers and hardwood from all over the world.

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